Cleaning your Herbish Product

All Herbish® Drainage Systems surfaces are finished to a satin finish, it is important to remember that such a finish can be scratched or marked by improper treatment.

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 Herbish® Bio Fluid Refill Drum 20L

We recommend the use of Herbish® BIO Fluid liquid formulation containing non-pathogenic, naturally occurring enzyme and bacteria in a buffer solution. These products are intended for automatic dosing into drain run and grease trap.

Herbish® BIO Fluid is supplied in 20 Litre drums. It is not advisable to dose during operational hours when the BIO Fluid would be washed away and hot liquids that can kill the bacteria are circulating through the grease trap.

  • Digestion of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in grease traps and drain lines
  • Reduced requirement to pump out grease traps
  • Elimination of smells due to organic break down in drain lines
  • Ensures compliance with legislation, including building regulations and other environmental laws
  • Ensures free running drains by preventing fat blockages
  • Enhances the performance of effluent treatment plants
  • Minimises rodent and insect problems
  • No floor drums or containers - easy to handle fluid packs
  • Low maintenance for kitchen staff
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Once installed, it just automatically doses the drain every day
  • Can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen.
  • No buttons to push after dosing system has been programmed
  • All dosing units are automatic.
  • They require no maintenance from kitchen staff except to replace the BIO Fluid solution bottle when necessary.
  • Easy to install almost anywhere in the kitchen
  • Easy to clean and maintain